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     Hello,  I'm Kate.  I'm originally from the Chicago area.  I have a B.A. in Education.  After college and marriage, my husband and I came to Pennsylvania.  We did so in order for my husband to  further his education.  We eventually moved to the Main Line - the Villanova area.  I  started my cleaning business there and worked with another woman that I had met at church.  We liked the idea of having our own business and since I had worked 5 years doing secretarial  work and was ready for a change - also we liked the idea of being our own boss and being more active rather than sitting all day.  Eventually she moved away and I continued on my own.  I cleaned on the Main Line for l2 years. With an eventual move to Wilmington, Delaware, I brought my business there.

I'm living now in Lancaster County to be near my children - both of whom have now  taken residence here.  Though my business is still in Wilmington. I feel it's time now to move it closer to home.

While on the Main Line, my daughter had become interested in horses.  She took lessons at Radnor Hunt and eventually we bought her a pony named "Debbie".  It was on "Debbie" that she had been taking lessons on while there.  Those were wonderful years for her.  I love being around horses and the "horse country"  My mother used to love to tell us stories about her horse   a "black beauty" and riding all through the Osage Hills (the Osage Hills were named after the Osage Indians that lived there) in Oklahoma.  As a result I was able to have a horse  and my father had a little stable built for it.  So with my background in horses,  I appreciate the Unionville and Kenneth Square area and would feel comfortable about working in such an area - it's almost like going back to my roots.